Electronic and Technical Services (E&TS Ltd) was established in 1974 and became a limited company in 1992.

I worked for a number of years in the R&D department  at the Associated Octel Company in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire as an Electronics Technician. Rather foolishly I left in 1974 armed with a degree in Electronics,  with a burning desire to revolutionise the field of electronics. Had I stayed with Octel I would have had an excellent redundancy and pension package ,oh  to have the vision of hindsight.

However I have no regrets, I have designed a plethora of electronic controls some weird some wonderful and some with a good end application and I have met a full cross section of society, some strange, some weird but mostly interesting individuals.

 It started in 1974 with the automation of the Jones - Rothwell Evaporimeter, used  in horticulure to measure evaporation loss in glasshouses. A local grower had one and said 'how wonderful it would be if it could be automated to turn on his irrigation controller for a known evaporation loss'. Automating to link with the irrigation controller proved to be a daunting and difficult task but the meaning of the title engineer in ancient Greek, is to solve other peoples problems. 
I still have glowing reports from happy customers who bought the Vapomatic as it was called. 

However the modern development of the Vapomatic - the award winning Evaposensor is accurate, reliable, easy to set up, easy to maintain, and manufacture using the latest in electronic design, combining analogue and digital disciplines, backed by years of Defra and HDC research and successful nursery trials.
Years of responsibilities and bills to pay concentrates ones mind on solving engineering problems across a wide spectrum ranging from commercial horticultural controls, all listed on this website, through to handheld sludge and D02 monitors for the water treatment industry. Automatic flush controllers for mens washrooms and the latest speed controls utilising armature and servo feedback for high end HiFi. The list is finite but lengthy and will include under a separate tab, later.

So if you have a problem that needs solving, preferably electronic, sensible or otherwise email me at: john@ets-controls.co.uk.