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Available now - new Low Cost, accurate embedded Microchip ABF controller

Low cost
♦ Versatile
♦ Easy installation
♦ Advanced Slow Fill or Fast Fill, switch selectable
♦ Slow fill factory set at 20 minutes
♦ Software adjustable Fast fill

♦ Simple set up procedure
♦ Passive infrared sensor detection
♦ Battery operated
♦ Long battery life of 3 years+
♦ Low cost AA Alkaline batteries (6)
Can be safely disposed of, unlike Lithium batteries
♦ Operates from 6Vdc to 3Vdc
Accurate Low Voltage Detector, safely closes valve to prevent flooding
Walk test LED flashes when batteries are low
♦ Automatic calculation of fast fill time, learn once only. Memory retention of 10 years, even when battery is removed
♦ Fixed 12 hour hygiene flush
♦ Walk test LED only visible in the range test, non visible in run mode
♦ Self test routines
♦ Small 75mm x 140mm footprint

Technical Information

 Contact: ETS Ltd, 40 Acreville Rd, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 2HY
0151 645 8491