Irrigation Controllers for Professional Horticulture

The fourth generation of ETS multi-wire controllers are available in a range of sizes, to operate 16, 32, or 48 stations. The models incorporate options which can be set up to suit your individual requirements.

SThe controllers are easy to set up and use. Simply set the rotary knobs - push the start button
SIrrigation start times and station running times can be altered at any time, at the turn of a switch, even during an irrigation cycle. It really is that simple.
SHigh definition transflective LCD display and innovative software makes the seven day time clock easy to read and to set
Scan be fitted with digital or Graslyn mechanical time clock.
SThe clock uses the 24 hour format, is crystal-controlled for accuracy, and is battery backed.
SAn electro mechanical time clock can be used in place of the digital clock
SClock battery is recharged when the panel is on, never needs changing
SUp to eight starts can be programmed per day. Use “Common starts” for rapid setting of larger panels for every day of the week, Use “Daily starts” for up to eight start times for individual stations per day. Common starts and daily starts, can be mixed for flexibility easy programming.
SManual start from the clock, simply push START
SSelection of five time-bases, switchable between 0.2 secs, 1 sec, 10 x secs, 1min and 10 X mins.
SAccurate solenoid valve running times, from 0.2 seconds to 90 minutes.
SThese controllers offer SERIAL or PARALLEL operation as standard, with all stations individually controlled
SThe controllers can be started automatically by the clock, or manually, and by a local or remote start device. Cyclic start is available for misting and cycling programs.
S Connections to receive an automatic start signal from an Evaporimeter are standard.
S Local and remote stop are available.
S A “Program Advance” button is fitted which allows single step or cycle mode.
S Irrigate by a single station (serial) or single bank(parallel).  
S A master reset button is fitted for stopping the irrigation cycle.
S Connections for a rain sensor are standard, as are those for a float switch in the reservoir.
S An automatic software error checking routine is built in for detecting faulty switches.
S Pump control options: manual - off- automatic, software selectable.
S Hand watering facility with selectable pump and feed output.
S All programmable features such as the real time clock and pump settings are stored so that they   cannot be affected by a failure of the mains electricity supply.
SAll irrigation times can be altered manually in one step by adding or subtracting a percentage. 
S The panels can be set to respond proportionately to an evaposensor or a solarimiter, or to a soil humidity sensor with an output of 0 – 5 VDC or 0 – 20mA.
SAll Controllers operate valve error checking routines, with three types of fault warning indication.
SA programmable Feed valve (like a master valve) can be programmed to turn on or off to each individual station.
SThe rain sensor facility can control outdoor irrigation zones.
S In standard format these controllers will operate both 24Vac and 24Vdc valves.
S LED indication for healthy 24V ac output
S Rugged design; all outputs are fused. The Common valve return is bonded to mains Earth. If lightning strikes are common or have been a problem in your area, ask us.
S 230Vac input, integral mains filter removes unwanted EMI. 24Vac or dc outputs are standard. Other supplies and outputs on request.
S Toroidal transformer. Secondary winding rated at 30VA 1.25 Amps output for 16 station controllers, or 50VA 2 Amps for 24 station controllers and above.

For installation and operational manual CLICK HERE   for mechanical clock
For Installation and operational manual CLICK HERE for digital clock                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                            ALL CONTROL UNITS ARE SUPPLIED WITH COMPLETE TECHNICAL AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.


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